Discover How To Post YouTube Videos To Your WordPress Blog On Auto-Pilot!

...Watch as your blog, if like magic... grows automatically with highly targeted videos and increasing your blog traffic... 100% Guaranteed!


Dear Friend,

How many times have you read how adding fresh content to your site or blog on a regular basis is one of the best ways to generate free traffic? 

Well one thing you soon realize, is you need to be able to make time to create and post that content on a regular basis. Which you probably found out very quickly is time consuming! or even worst you get sidetracked with other projects and you forget to create new content to add to your blog...

And so what happens is your blog starts to get less and less visitors, your blog goes stale and goes down in the search ranking!...

Well Today I'm going to Solve That problem for You!

If you use the WordPress blogging platform, you're in luck. Because I might have the right plugin for you. It adds YouTube videos to your blog on auto-pilot. Simple activate and setup the keywords based on your niche, and let the plugin do all the work!

WP VideoTube can post and dripfeed videos hourly or daily. Not only will it post the actual video, but also the description, the tags and also the comments...

Watch Our 'Brand New' Demo Blog Here


The other cool part to this plugin, you can Humanize the video posts, for example if you setup a keyword to post videos every 3 days (that is how we set it on our demo blog above), the humanize feature can post at random times, so it looks like a real person is updating your blog!


Now your probably thinking...

Can It Really Get Visitors to My Blog?

The simple answer is yes. I activated the plugin on 2 blogs shortly after the plugin was finished. The first was using a brand new test blog, I've not added any other content, nor any promotion. I've setup just a few keywords and let the plugin do the work and the visitors to the blog increased every month!

Auto-pilot traffic... setup the plugin and let it run...


The more videos that are added, the more visitors find my blog. As mentioned above, the stats above are just for a test blog with NO other content except for the YouTube videos.

Just a quick note, my main reason behind the plugin was due to a couple of my niche blogs had about a 50% bounce rate. I wanted to find a way to lower that, without me constantly adding videos manually, so the idea for WP VideoTube was born!

I needed the plugin to post videos automatically so it was handsfree, and make my blogs more sticky. My programmer did his magic...


Now, you could add videos manually to your blog which would without doubt boost your visitors. But WP VideoTube will automate the whole process and save you the hassle searching for related videos, it doesn't get anymore handsfree then this!

More Keywords = More Videos = More Traffic!


How you can benefit from using wpVideoTube plugin?

Take a closer look at my most recent demo blog for wpVideoTube. I simply enter just 1 keyword: wordpress tutorial and it posts all of the videos that is related to my keywords. Now my demo blog is very targeted. And visitors will be able to find this blog and watch and learn wordpress from those youtube videos.

Did you notice, I have my premium plugins on the side bar? Those are the area where you can use to monetize the traffic. Hey, you can even add adsense block in there or banner ads, or even start selling ad spot (when you gain more traffic).

As far as the theme, you can use any theme with this plugin.


FREE Developer License If You Act Now...

I know that you are wanting to create as many blogs using this plugin... so, I am not going to offer any 1 domain or 10 domain licenses. I am going to allow you to install this plugin on UNLIMITED domain that you personally owned.

All for a one time payment of $14.97

But if you get it right now, I will throw in Developer License for free!

Developer License Is Very Important.... One day you might decide to sell the blog that you created. Without developer license, you will have to REMOVE this plugin BEFORE selling it.... But WITH Developer License, you can include this plugin when selling it. That give you a tremendous value to the blog you are selling.

Get it right now, and you will get wpVideoTube with Developer License For Just $ 14.97!

Get It Now Before I Change My Mind On This Crazy Offer!

Immediate Download, NO OTO or Special Offer!

Best Regards,

Ken Sar



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