REASON #1 -Easy To Use!
With our easy to follow along video and training tools you'll be able to install use, and start getting traffic right away!
 REASON #2 - Full Training
I show you exactly what to do to create content, add it to your social sites, and use WP Social Slide Pro to turn on the viral traffic!
 REASON #3 - Easy Viral Traffic
Creating viral traffic has never been easier than before. With this plugin you will be amazed at how much traffic will be hitting your site, clicking your links, buying your stuff, ect...

WP Social Slide Pro is a powerful, easy to use Word Press plugin that allows you to add your social site feeds to a beautifully designed slide out panel.

Here's just one example of what it will look like on your site. There's several button styles to choose from though...

So what does having this on your site do for you?

Well when people mouse over any of your social buttons a slide pops out and shows them your latest content!

This allows them to visit all your different social sites, take action on the content which all of their "contacts" see and then they start coming to your site too!

That's when the viral effect takes over and before you know it you've got traffic coming from everywhere!

WP Social Slide Pro is insanely powerful! We've left nothing out when it comes to in-demand features that give you the flexibility and control you need to have all your social profiles displayed in a clutter free way that people enjoy going through them!

And with the built in options you can make it look several different ways...

WP Social Slide Supports: Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus, and Twitter...

I'm not going to stop there though... I really want to help you super charge this plugin so I'm also going to give you these amazing bonuses!
"WP Social Slide Pro Complete Traffic Plan"
In this report I'll show you everything you need to know to start using this plugin to get a tun of traffic. All the way from what to do BEFORE getting started, how to build your list, to exactly what to do to get people sharing your content everywhere to turn on that awesome free viral traffic!

"WP Social Slide Pro Guru Weekly Traffic Plan"
This is a plan that I have created that will allow you to keep producing and posting content to all your social sites and getting tons of traffic each and every week.

Just follow what I tell you to do each day and before you know it you'll have all the traffic you can handle!

Listen... Using a plugin to get more traffic to your site is virtually unheard of! We've created this plugin so that you REALLY can get more traffic.

All you have to do is follow our directions, install the plugin, use the marketing tactics and content creation tactics I show you in the bonus guides, and you will get traffic! - GUARANTEED!

Plus, WP Social Slide Pro is designed so that even a complete beginner can install and configure the plugin within just a few minutes.

Simply put... It's never been easier to get traffic by using a simple plugin and strategy, and that's exactly what we're giving you here!

All you have to do is click on the Buy Now button below and pay the one time fee of just $17. You can then use this plugin on any site that you own or any site that you build for someone.

That's right!

For only $17 you get personal and developer rights to this plugin!

Isn't $17 worth being able to use something that can make viral traffic spread to your site like wild fire?

Of course it is, so click the Buy Now button below and get started today!


Best Regards,

Ken Sar


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