"Discover How You Can Get The World's Most Famous People And Celebrities To Drive An Endless Stream
Of Traffic To Your Blog In Less Than One Hour,
Without Having To Bribe Or Pay Them A
Cent For Helping You Even If You Don't
Know Them Personally, Or Have
Ever Met Any Of Them!"

...in addition to driving traffic to your sites they'll also increase your monthly Amazon affiliate earnings and you won't have to pay them a dime for that either!

What I have for you today is something so simple...

...but yet most people overlook it or if they do try it they goof it up, or make it such a daunting task they give up on it quickly.

What I'm talking about is a way to leverage the huge massive daily searches for quotes from famous people in history or celebrities while at the same time capturing some extra Amazon affiliate sales in the process.

If you have a blog related to:
  • Life Coaching
  • Personal Development
  • Self Improvement
  • Quitting or Breaking Any Bad Habit
  • Diet and Weight Loss
  • Building Self Esteem
  • Personal Finance
  • Law of Atraction
  • Love and Romance
  • News and History
  • Celebtity Gossip or Reviews


I call this Wordpress plugin Wp-Inspire! because every single quote in it is meant to help inspire and motivate the reader in some way.


It is a totally non-intrusive and because of the content it adds to each blog post it fits in naturally in a wide variety of self help, health and self improvement niche blogs.

There are just under 2000 quotes that will be all tagged with your Amazon Associates ID that will randomly attach themselves to all past, present and future blog posts without you ever having to lift a finger.

So how much is the WP-Inspire! plugin going to cost?

Since it's such a simple and easy plugin to use I'm going to make this a simple, no-brainer decision for you as well...

Get the single site one domain version for only $7... Nah... not single license

Get wpInspire With multi-site license and use it on as many blogs as you own for only $9.97


Get wpInspire With Developer License For Only $12.97

Explanation of rights:

Multi-Site License:

  • Wp-Inspire! plugin may be installed on any blog that you own or have on your hosting account.
  • You do not have resale rights and can not install this plugin on your clients blogs UNLESS you also host the blogs for your clients on your web hosting account.

Developer License
  • WP-Inspire! plugin can be installed on all of your domians and blogs as well as your client's domains and blogs regardless of whether you host them or not.
  • You DO NOT have resale right to wpInspire, thus you cannot sell the plugin itself. However, you can flip your blog that has this plugin installed and pass the user right to the new owner.
  • You cannot run an offer on Fiverr offering to install this plugin for your (potential or future) clients. Remember, you DO NOT have resale right to this plugin.

WP-Inspire! is a wordpress plugin and will install and run on any Wordpress blog.

However the Amazon branding utility is for a Windows PC only. It will work with any Windows XP and above operating system. (Note:Windows Vista and Windows 7/8 users may have to right click the program and select "Run as administrator" the first time you run the Amazon branding utility).

Don't have a Windows PC to brand the plugin with your Amazon Associates info?

No worry. Just purchase the plugin and we will brand the plugin for you for up to 5 Amazon Associate IDs. Just open a support ticket after your purchase and provide us with the information needed and we will generate your Amazon branded WP-Inspire! plugin for you.

So what are you waiting for? Grab this easy to use plugin and start getting extra traffic and Amazon sales in next 10 minutes. Choose your option for purchase below:

Get wpInspire With Multi-Site License For Only $ 9.97



Get wpInspire With Developer License For Only $ 12.97



Best Regards,

Ken Sar

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