Build Scarcity Into Your Offer And Watch Your Sales Soar To Astounding Heights... Almost Always, Guaranteed!


From: Ken Sar
RE: What this page is all about.

The clock is ticking. Literally!

And your site visitors will get that genetic reaction we all have to a deadline:

  • Feeling hot inside

  • Armpits get a little sweaty

  • Finger tremble

  • And eyes dart around

These are absolutely clear signs of anxiety... until they can't help it any longer.

A decision has to be made or we lose out. And we all hate to lose, whether it’s having something taken away or missing a great opportunity!

As soon as your visitors click, they’re back to normal – and you’re a little richer.

That's the power of a one-time-offer or OTO.

You create real urgency with timers and redirects and that is what this deal is all about.


The Simple OTO WordPress Plugin

Yes, you got it. It's a plugin for WordPress making it highly convenient to just plug and play.

Its power lies in one proof-tested idea:

Real one time offers are the key to building genuine urgency in your sales funnel while maintaining a non-negotiable asset – your personal integrity - among prospects and buyers.

The Simple OTO WordPress Plugin is dead simple with only the essential elements - timers, redirects and hide/reveal functionality.

Those, and a real value-based offer that you’re giving a special deal on, are really all you need to build scarcity and real urgency in your sales funnel.

This plugin makes your already complicated life much simpler.

Here's what this plugin can do for you:

  • Add countdown timers to any Wordpress page

  • Includes 24 different timer skins and four style variations

  • Redirect to any URL when timer expires

  • Hide / reveal content based on page views

  • Use multiple instances of the same timer (must be the same) on the same page

  • Simply add a shortcode to your page or post

  • Have it up and running on any page in just minutes

Watch the video above to see how you can use it. It's real simple. Promise.

Funny. While explaining about this plugin, it's clicking away doing its job…

In short, you must hurry!


Yes! I want to get this awesome plugin right now. I understand that I will get:
  • An easy-to-install WordPress plugin.
  • The ability to create multiple timers.
  • Simple shortcode implementation - no coding required.
  • The option to redirect to any URL when the timer expires.
  • Plus much more.

Special Bonus

Place Your Order Today and YOU Will Get Developer License To This Plugin As Well. All For $17, One Time Payment.

To claim your copy of this plugin, click the order button and let it work for you and your business.

It works like a charm every single time.

That's how reliable it is once set.

This sweet deal goes away very soon.

Ken Sar

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