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From: Ken Sar
Monday, 3:25 PM
Re: The Ultimate Link Tracking Solution!



Dear Link Savvy Marketer,

Could you take a couple seconds to answer this quick survey?

Have you seen those link tracking and link shortening products that are so complex you have to pay someone to install them?

What about the ones that require you to pay a monthly fee just to track your links and conduct your business.

Have you ever wanted to split-test or rotate 3 different affiliate offers tagged with your affiliate id from a single link?

Have you ever wanted a simple way to split and track traffic between you and your partners adswap links or squeeze pages?

If You Can Answer Yes To Any One Of Those Questions, This New Wordpress Plugin Is Perfect For You!

What Is It And How Does It Work?

Like you, we needed a tool that could answer those questions and provide us the solution.

Introducing... EZ Wordpress Rotator

  • Easy to Install
  • Track Unlimited Clicks
  • Create Unlimited Link Rotations, Traffic Shares
  • Save Money On Paid Trackers
  • Make More Money!...

Ez Wordpress Rotator is a great new plugin that can save you time and money but before we get into what it can do and how it can benefit you let me show you how easy it is to install and use.


What Can You Do With It?

Just a moment ago I grabbed a piece of paper and jotted down the different ways someone can use EZ WordPress Rotator to save time, build their relationship with partners, just quickly off the top of my head. Here’s what I have so far:

  • Test and Track Multiple Links From One Central Location
  • Save More Money By Ditching Your Paid Link Tracking Memberships!
  • Keep Partners Happy By Sharing Traffic/Profits
  • Discover Which Of Your Sales Pages Convert The Best
  • Track A Click All The Way From First Click To Purchase
  • Figure Out Which Affiliate Program Is The Best Converting!
  • And Much More! I'm sure you could think of some...

EZ WordPress Rotator was never intended to be a software to “make money” with, it’s more of a side effect. It was meant to be our own in house testing and tracking and traffic sharing tool, but it’s clearly much more than that.

How Much Does It Cost?
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  • An Unlimited Site License of Ez WordPress Rotator
  • The "EZ Wp Rotator" Tutorial - designed to show you exactly how to use this powerful new plugin.

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Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Put everything you’ve read in this letter to the test by investing just $17 $7 for EZ WordPress Rotator. With your order you’ll receive

  1. EZ WordPress Rotator Software
  2. Comprehensive Video Tutorial
  3. Full Unlimited Personal Use License - Use On Any And All Of Your Blogs

Should EZ WordPress Rotator not measure up to your expectations, you may request a refund at any point within thirty days and receive a refund immediately.

If you feel as we do that this software is everything we said it was, and more, then simply do nothing and continue using it on as many sites and blogs as you possibly can. Click the button above to receive immediate access.

Are There Rights Available?
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  • The "EZ Wp Rotator" Tutorial - designed to show you exactly how to use this powerful blog software.

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A EzWpRestore MRR&Developer License allows you to re-sell this plugin through your own hosted reseller link, or your own website and keep 100% of your profits for any option your customers choose. You may also sell the plugin if it is INCLUDED in a blog/domain that you sell.

Seriously, it's a great tool, you owe it to yourself to at least download the LITE version!

To Your Success,
Ken Sar

P.S. Upon confirmation of your order your account will be activated and you will automatically be sent to the download page. Remember, you’re protected by the 30 day instant “No Quibble” money back guarantee – Just click the button above to get started!

P.P.S. It’s important to note that EZ WordPress Rotator comes with an unlimited site license – You can use it on every site you own!

Download EzWpRotator Lite - FREE - View Tutorial Video