Dear Friend,

You know that I'm a straight shooter. So I'll keep this short.

Have you been wondering why only a handful of people are doing extremely well as Affiliate Marketers?

Have you noticed what these successful affiliate marketers have all in common when they promote a product?

The Answer:

"They BRIBE their subscribers and website visitors
to buy the product through their affiliate link!"

That's right!

Bonuses and rebates make their affiliate offers stand out of the crowd!

This simple trick works extremely well and it's responsible for generating millions of dollars in sales for many product launches in ALL kinds of niche markets!

The BIG Problem:

Here's what Joshua said...


(1) When you promote with bonuses, you'll need to get in touch with the customers after their purchases.

(2) You'll have to contact them through emails requesting for receipt number and then validate the transaction from your clickbank account.

(3) Email them BACK with the bonuses.

In a perfect world, that's the 3 main things that you believe you'll need to do...

BUT unfortunately, there will be circumstances that the customers WON'T send you the correct information requested the first time.

Sometimes, they will completely forget to include the receipt number or send you the wrong receipt.

Then you'll need to cross check again and keep emailing back and forth.

I don't know about you but this is complete madness and it's a really boring task!

The Solution:

Well, my coders and I have been spending weeks brainstorming and working on this to find a solution to this problem.

And I've to tell you that in the end the result was simply AWESOME!

The Automatic Bonus Delivery Plugin

Simple. Clean. Works extremely well.

A simple set and forget system that will automate your bonus delivery process 24/7.

NEVER again you'll have to deal with all the problems listed above.

You'll make your customers happy with very prompt bonus delivery and you won't even need to check it again!

Just let it run - that's it!

Preview Inside The Administration Panel:

New Feature Just Added!

What Customers Are Saying?

Just bought awesome plugin.

Quality of life as a marketer... is all about automation! 

This plugin is a time saver marketers can't afford to be without! 

Syed Alam from Warrior Forum

Thank you. That's the plugin I Have been looking for so long. I hope it will increase my affiliate sales. 

imi82 from Warrior Forum

Who wants to be glued to their computer all the time? This is the perfect solution to automate bribes. 

Had to think about it for oh what a 1/2 a second. Looking forward to implementing it. Thanks!

Resale Rights Ninja from Warrior Forum

Just got your plugin, this means i can assign the VA that handles my ClickBank bonuses to more productive tasks. 

Thanks for a great plugin at a great price.

niffybranco from Warrior Forum

What an outstanding value!

Thanks for the great price as well, I wish you great fortune with this one!

All the best!

dadhere from Warrior Forum

 Sell MORE. Work LESS.

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To Your Profit,

Ken Sar


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